Spaceman Brown.jpg

Illustrator, Designer, Storyteller

I am a freelance artist based in Chicago. My work has appeared in award-winning publications like The Chicago Reader and 90 Days, 90 Voices. I also received commission-based work from companies like Corsaire Information Security, The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club, and The Buddy Foundation. I pride myself for being self-taught and I have been studying art for over fifteen years; taking courses at The American Academy of Art, Elmhurst Art Museum, Oakton Community College and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Having over-the-top visuals combined with the right amount of accurate portrayal I use vibrant colors and detailed line drawings to exaggerate reality in my own style to tell a unique story in each image. I accentuate the human form with an emphasis on contour and harmonious additions within the composition that give variety and movement. It is the juxtaposition of ridiculousness and realism that makes my drawings so successful at depicting concepts that are deeply emotional and mature in a satirical fashion, making my work come to life.