Monthly Review

So many exciting things have happened since I have decided to officially become an artist full time. Sure it’s only a month but it’s the little steps that lead to the final goal. I guess we will call this blog: “The First Month’s Review”.


I am glad that the 90 days 90 voices crew has gotten back to me after a while and we will be continuing our graphic journalism project. 90 Days 90 Voices is a journalist project centering on immigrants and refugees who were impacted by the 90day travel ban. Especially in today’s political climate- the story of an immigrant trying to receive asylum is a narrative that needs to be told and I am thrilled to be a part of it. I always have believed that this project was important and I know that this comic will be very impactful.


In other news, I have been experiencing an increase in clients which is fantastic. Many people are coming to me for many different projects and so far I have had complete customer satisfaction. From custom commissions and selling prints I have finally been working as an artist and bringing in some money.


Now, like most artists, I need to expand my fan and clientele base. Those of you who have started following me, you are amazing and I am very grateful. That being said, I need to start thinking in terms of thousands of followers online and several different revenue streams in order to be successful. Now, I’m sure u didn’t start to read this thinking I was going to be bitchin about money problems, and I am not, I’m simply tracking my progress and leaving room for improvement when it comes to the business aspects.


Let’s see, what else? Ahhh the web comic will be coming out soon. All I need to do is set up the website and once that is launched I will give you guys a heads up as to where you can find Dime Store Heroes as well as what day out of the week you can catch new pages. Also, I want to say that I still have opportunities for commissions and you can contact me if you are interested.


Remember, it's you- the fans- that keep a roof over my head and food in my belly and I thank you.