My Process

My process is um… unconventional. I mean, sure I go through the whole pencilining, inking, coloring, word balloon process that most comic book artist do. But when it comes to the usual procedure, my technique is mostly self-taught with a combination of traditional and digital techniques that I have learned over the years. With my tablet, the only thing I love in this world- ahem…. I mean other than friends.... um and family and other humans- I guess. Anyway, with my tablet and my drawing program (Autodesk) I can use traditional methods using digital tools. Not only can I stream-line the process but also not stray too far away from the traditional ink line drawing of comics.

I always start with a sketch that allows me to find out how I want to frame the composition as well as map out proper proportions. After that I can get into the nitty-gritty details. I love details. Although I have a very exaggerated and cartoony style I include textures and specific design choices to give my work a sense of realism. I always felt that art should be objective in some way so the viewer knows what they are looking at but have the right amount of exaggeration to allow for personal subjectivity. Although this is my opinion, I feel that all art should have that element of subjectivity. Exaggeration and abstraction are good but, considering art history, everything after the American Abstract Expressionism movement- I'm lookin’ at you Jackson Pollack you son of a bitch- is way too out there for me.

Regardless, the last thing in my process is bright vibrant colors. I don't have as much experience with colors than I do black and white ink drawings but with my development over the past few years I have developed a coloring style all my own. Early on I fall in love with the outrageous colors you see in comics and I strive for that. Using unique color pallets as well as illustrating the hues with brush strokes as opposed to the tools used in Photoshop, the way most colorists do Don’t get me wrong, I still use Photoshop but talk about draining your creativity, yeesh.

Well anyway that was me answering your questions about how I do what I do, no matter how vaguely it might have been and whether or not you asked. But I am sure that you wanted to know if you got this far in the blog and if you have, thanks for reading and…..

you just lost the game.